The Telluride Town Council established the Commission for the Arts and Special Events (CASE) in 1986, which reviews and recommends funding to Arts and Special Event organizations in the Telluride community. Since 1999, Town Council has granted money to community support organizations through the Community Support Grant Process.

In 2005, Town Council combined these two separate grant processes and refined the mission and duties of CASE to include administering Community Support Grants, in addition to grants for the arts and special events, creating the Commission for Community Assistance, Arts and Special Events (CCAASE). The grant process was further expanded for year 2019 funding to include organizations previously funded directly by Town Council.

The mission of CCAASE is to develop, maintain, and encourage an environment conducive to the following community organizations: 1) Arts and Special Events Organizations (non-profit arts organizations and special events) 2) Community Support Organizations (non-profit community programs for citizen welfare and education) CCAASE administers Town Special Event Policies and recommends annual funding allocations to the Town Council for community non-profit organizations, including arts organizations, special events, and non-profits that preserve or enrich the health, education, welfare, and fitness of the community.

CCAASE also establishes and maintains a yearly town calendar of events. CCAASE consists of volunteer board members appointed by the Town Council to serve selected terms of office. All of CCAASE funding comes from town sales tax revenue and other town taxes. Funds that are allocated by the Town Council for Arts and Special Events and those allocated for Community Support Grants will be kept separate and not be commingled.

Please closely follow the grant guidelines CCAASE funding is an AWARD, NOT A REWARD!

Please place your organization under the appropriate grant heading (Arts and Special Events OR Community Support) and follow the associated grant guidelines below. Please note, organizations may be in only one grant category and may only submit one application. If CCAASE does not agree with the chosen category, a public hearing will be held to discuss appropriate categorization.

1. Arts and Special Events Grants – Funds must be used in the Town of Telluride
  • Arts Organizations (performing arts, visual arts, and art-based education)
  • Special Events (defined as “town gatherings that are open to the general public”) **

2. Community Support Grants – Funds must be used for programs or activities accessible to the Town of Telluride community
  • Service Organizations (human, welfare, and community)
  • Athletic Organizations
  • Educational Organizations
  • Other